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These are products and brands I use and highly recommend. 


Do you want to be your own boss and have a career with purpose?


I'm excited to share I am an ambassador for CNM. With my link you can get £250 off any diploma. 

Discount on Studying with CNM


Naturopathy takes a whole-body approach, treating the person, not the symptom. It recognises there is always an underlying root cause, whether it be physical or emotional.

Health Coach Course breakdown:

  • How the body works anatomy and physiology

  • Naturopathic nutrition

  • Fitness and health

  • Coaching to achieve goals

  • Practice with real-life case studies

  • Business and marketing

The Health Coach course is accredited by the NHS, ANP (association of Naturopathic Practitioners) and UKICHA (UK & International Health Coaching Association).

If you want to trial a lecture you can from the below link. Free lecture options:

  • Hormone balance and Fertility

  • Gut health and immunity

  • How to balance your hormones

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