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Fatigue Recovery Coaching

Enjoying Sunset

Improve your energy, brain fog, anxiety, stress response, digestion and chronic symptoms naturally
Become an expert in your own health
Create stability and safety in your physical health, emotional health and nervous system
Align your mindset and beliefs with healing

The M.E/CFS recovery programme is for you if you are:

  • Struggling with chronic fatigue or chronic symptoms

  • Sick of being tired and fatigued all the time

  • Tired of trying supplements that haven’t worked

  • Feel misunderstood and like no one truly understands how you feel

  • Struggle with low self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Don’t know where to start improving your health and are overwhelmed by the information online

  • Prepared to make lifestyle changes, including improving nutrition, sleep and nervous system regulation


If you answered yes, I'm here to support you in restoring your health. At Mind Body Portal, we offer a personalised, holistic approach to help you reclaim your health and life. Together, we will create a tailored recovery plan to guide you restore your health from M.E/CFS and Burnout.


Gain a deeper understanding of your diagnosis

Learn about cell danger response, mitochondrial dysfunction, chronic stress and the role of the nervous system in M.E/CFS.

Naturopathic approach to recovery

We will dive into your unique needs in a 2hr initial consultation and full health history questionnaire to uncover what will truly help you progress in your recovery.


Building physical health stability

Develop a personalised recovery plan and get support with nutrition, blood sugar balance, sleep, circadian biology, detoxification, gut health, pacing strategy.


Nervous system safety and awareness

Learn to create a sense of safety in your nervous system and understand the signals from your body.


Emotional support

Process suppressed emotions using techniques like EFT.


Overcoming limiting beliefs

Identify and address any mindsets or beliefs that may be holding you back in your recovery.


Empowerment through knowledge

Equip you with the tools and knowledge to become an expert in your own health.


Action-oriented transformation

Turn knowledge into action and see real transformation in your recovery journey.


  • X1 2hr initial consultation including a full-health assessment for us to deep-dive into your root causes and create a health recovery plan

  • X8 bi-weekly coaching calls

  • X8 bi-weekly check-in forms

  • Access to me via WhatsApp for support

  • Supporting tools – food diary analysis, stress analysis, recipe inspiration, limiting beliefs journal prompts, breath-work and nervous system regulation tools

By the end of the program, you'll become an expert in your own health. My role is to equip you with the knowledge, tools and support to optimise your habits and transform your health.

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